Anais Munoz Kelly Psy.D, MFT
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I am a bilingual (English/ Spanish) therapist who has experience working with artists, people who are multicultural, students, fertility issues, postpartum depression, expectant mothers and parents with infants.  
I also specialize in working with anxiety, depression, child development and attachment, the divorce process, families affected by Alcoholism and addiction, 12 step programs, sexual abuse, life transitions, loss, marriage, parenting, and trauma.  

I enjoyed working with all age ranges, all genders and with children with their parents.

If the issue is not within my scope of practice I may be able to help by referring you to an appropriate professional. 

Furthermore, when appropriate I draw on the work from my dissertation topic which studied the effects of valuing the feminine and combining that with assertiveness to help women transcend depression. I also incorporate this work with men helping them value what they want and then helping them act on that to decrease depression.


I graduated from Antioch University with a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology and a specialization and Child Studies. I received a Doctorate in Psychology from California Graduate Institute and the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. 


I'm available to do both brief therapy and depth therapy. The modalities I use are mostly psychodynamic which is a form of depth psychology and is related to psychoanalysis.

I enjoy helping people get to the root of their issues so they can live vibrant lives in the present. I believe patients have an inner compass that guides them and that their feelings will be the road map to their truth.  Most of my practice includes talk therapy however I may also incorporate mindfulness, working with dreams, art and sand tray therapy.  With children therapy includes play therapy.  Also, I never forget about the child within all of us.  

With transitions comes change, and many unexpected feelings.  Life transitions can be scary whether you are a baby becoming a toddler, a teenager graduating from highschool or an adult hitting a new milestone such as getting a new job or becoming a parent.  It can help to move through this with a therapist.

Sometimes these transitions produce a lot of anxiety.  You may even have started some unhealthy habits to cover up these uncomfortable feelings i.e too much food, tv, technology, perfectionism, alcohol, sex etc.  We can take a look at this together and come up with healthier coping skills.  

Furthermore your relationships may be suffering.  You may feel overburdened, confused, numb, unloved and alone.  Family members and couples are welcome and will be given a safe place to be heard and learn to communicate in an authentic yet loving way.  

Together we can sort out what is going on and find new options.  Another helpful aspect of therapy is to help you find compassion for yourself and others.  I look forward to being on the soulful and healing journey alongside my patients.


$200.00 per hour

A receipt can be provided for patients to be reimbursed by their insurance if they have out of network coverage.  

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