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My name is Dr. Kelly and it is my inspiration to help people understand and express themselves.  People come to therapy for various reasons. Perhaps there is something coming up that is confusing or bringing up a lot of feelings.  Or something deeper you have been avoiding for a long time. Many times we deal with problems our ancestors had that are passed down in a transgenerational way and we would like to understand this dynamic. The question is how can we really feel joy if our other feelings are bottled up? Let me help you see how your feelings are your inner compass and can lead you to live the life you want to live. Therapy is helpful in understanding oneself and finding compassion for oneself. Psychotherapy is an investment in yourself. Once you feel more connected to yourself this in turn will help you feel more connected to others. 

The way I work

Both brief therapy and a more intensive depth therapy can be done. The modalities I use are mostly psychodynamic which is a form of depth psychology and is related to psychoanalysis.  Most of my practice is talk therapy however I also incorporate working with dreams, mindfulness, becoming aware of the inner child,  art therapy and sand tray therapy,  With children therapy includes play therapy. Ultimately I want to help people get to the root of their issues so they can live vibrant lives in the present.   

Specialize in

I specialize in working with depression, anxiety, life transitions, marriage, parenting, child development, attachment, processing feelings from divorce, loss, families affected by alcoholism, 12 step programs, sexual abuse and trauma. 

I am a bilingual (English/Spanish) therapist who has experience working with all age ranges.  

If the issue is not within my scope of practice I may be able to refer you to an appropriate professional



I am multicultural and came to live in Los Angeles at a young age.  My parents are from two different countries which has influenced me to become interested in cultures and diversity.  I believe each family is its own culture within a larger culture and I am interested in how this influences our lives.

I graduated from Antioch University with a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology and a specialization in Child Studies.  I received my Doctorate in Psychology from California Graduate Institute and the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.  

I draw on the work from my dissertation (when appropriate) which studied the effects of valuing the Feminine and combining that with assertiveness to help women transcend depression.  

I incorporate this work with men to help them value what they really want and put that into action to transcend depression.   I look forward to being on this soulful and healing journey alongside my patients.  


"The day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."

Anaïs Nin

I look forward to speaking with you.

Contact and Office Information

  • Please call and leave a message or send me an email with any questions or to inquire about booking an appointment.
  • $150.00 for Individual Therapy and $200.00 for Family Therapy per hour. Sliding scale may be applied.     A receipt may be provided so patients can be reimbursed by their insurance carrier, for HSA or whenever needed.
  • Para Español por favor oprime abojo adonde dice Español en verde. 

The paintings are: Femme se promenant dans une foret exotique and Paysage exotique by Henri Rousseau 

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